• Vacuum Brake Cylinder

    The brake cylinder generally used in vacuum brake system of the coaches. Capacity range VB 5 to VB 20 (mainly for export markets).

  • Brake Cylinder

    Brake Cylinder is manufactured in two version i.e., underframe and bogie mounted version. We are an approved supplier of this item for Locomotives, Passenger Coaches and Freight Stock. Can be supplied to any size (complete assembly) depending on the customer requirement.

  • Brake Cylinder with Integral Slack Adjuster

    These are manufactured in various dia and stroke length . This is a brake cylinder with integral slack adjuster for application in Indian Railway Coaching Brake Systems.

  • Auxiliary Reservoir

    Auxiliary Reservoirs feeds brake cylinder through distribution value during brake application position. We manufacture both 100 ltrs and 200 ltrs capacity air reservoirs.

  • Double Acting Air Cylinder With Filter & Valve

    Double acting air cylinder is a unique mechanism for operating of door in open Gondola type (BOBRN) wagons

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